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Real Estate Brokerage (Selling)

Real Estate Brokerage (Looking For)

Project Selling (Ayala Avida)

Real Estate Appraisal (Request for an Appraisal Report)

  • Residential and Commercial valuation estimates
  • Estate planning and estate settlements
  • Tax assessment review and advice
  • Advice in eminent domain and condemnation property transactions
  • Dispute resolution – including divorce, estate settlements, property partition suits, foreclosures, and zoning issues
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market rent and trend studies
  • Cost/benefit or investment analysis, for example, what will be the financial return of remodeling a house, condo, or commercial property
  • Land utilization studies (Highest and best use)
  • Supply and demand studies

Home Mortgage Loans
Click on the logo to download the home loan application form and email to info@www.bella.ph

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Other Loans
Click on the link to download the application forms and email to info@www.bella.ph

Interior Design and Contracting Services
We offer all-in design services including the design, manufacturing, and outsourcing of custom furniture, and home accessories of any interior space based on the clients budget.